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Computer Institutes in Chandigarh

Updated on: Mar 26, 2013
This section provides complete information  about Computer Institutes in Chandigarh. It also provides the contact details of each and every Computer Colleges in Chandigarh. The best Computer institutes in Chandigarh are covered here. If any Computer institute in Chandigarh is missing in this list, kindly inform us using our Contact Form. Students studying in Computer Institutes in Chandigarh can also write to us to give their reviews and feedback.

We have made the best efforts to provide accurate information on Chandigarh Computer Colleges. This list of Computer Institutes in Chandigarh is compiled from various authentic sources and hence can be relied upon. Still if there are any errors, please do let us know. Remember, is your best source for all educational information in Chandigarh.

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ADDRESS: Admission Office:
Contact Person:  Ms. Tanupriya
Contact No. : 0172-4653055, 4613055, 09501733055,
Fax number: 0172-5003055
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Website 2 :

Courses Offered by HCMI:
  • Bachelor in Business administration (BBA)
    (Awarded By Punjab Technical University)
    Duration: 3 Yrs. (6 Semesters)
    Eligibility: 10+2 Pass/Result awaited/ Compartment in any stream
    Course Fee: Rs. 20,000/- for each semester.

  • Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)
    Awarded By Punjab Technical University)
    Duration: 3 Yrs. (6 Semesters)
    Eligibility: 10+2 Pass/Result awaited/ Compartment in any stream
    Course Fee: Rs. 20,000/- for each semester

  • Bachelor in Commerce (Professional)
    Awarded By Punjab Technical University)
    Duration: 3 Yrs. (6 Semesters)
    Eligibility: 10+2 Pass/Result awaited/ Compartment in any stream
    Course Fee: Rs. 12,500/- for each semester

  • International MBA
    (Marketing, Information Technology, Finance, Hospitality, International Business)
    Duration: 18months (6 months in India and 12 months in Bangkok, Thailand)
    Eligibility: Graduation (any stream)
    Course Fee: Rs. 2,85,000/- for Complete Course.
***Uniform / Study Material and Lunch is inclusive in the above fees.

  1. SiliconUniv
    142-143, Citi Centre, Sec-34-A
    Phone: 0172-5017429/32

  2. Arena Animation Academy
    3rd Floor, SCO 186-88, Bridge Road, Sector 17C, Chandigarh-160017
    Phone: 0172-2783400

  3. Global IT Services
    SCO 40, Sec. 4 Panchkula
    Phone: 09815007971

  4. Applied computer systems (ACS)
    #740, Sector -11B, Chandigarh-160011
    Phone: 0172-2746851, 2747291

  5. Computer Training Centre
    Working Women Hostel, Sector 24 B, Chandigarh-160023
    Phone: 0172-2720391

  6. Access Infotech Centre
    SCO-67, Sector 40C, Chandigarh-160036
    Phone: 0172-2698943

  7. AIIT Computer Education
    SCO 92, Sector 40-C, Chandigarh
    Phone: 0172-2697348

  8. Aptech Computer Centre
    SCO 4-5, Sector 17B, Chandigarh-160017
    Phone: 0172-2722041

  9. Assay Information Technology
    SCO 79 Phase 2 Mohali
    Phone: 0172-2266555

  10. Atec Software Pvt Ltd
    SCO 50-51, Sector 34A, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2646435

  11. Bells Infotech
    2 Sect 34-C, Chandigarh
    Phone: 0172-2667771

  12. CASE Computers
    SCO 1A, Sector 7C, Chandigarh-160019
    Phone: 0172-2544842

  13. Centre for Advanced Learning in Computers, (CALC)
    Software Technology Division, Punjab State Electronics Dev. and Production Corporation Ltd.
    Sector 17B, SCO-169-170, Sector 8, Madhya Marg,
    Chandigarh- 160017
    Course: Accredited 'O' Level course

  14. Cert Solutions Pvt Ltd
    SCO 13-15, 2nd Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2703256

  15. Chandigarh Galaxy Computer Systems Private Limited
    SCO 2423, Sector- 22-C, Chandigarh
    Course: Accredited 'O' Level course

  16. City Computers
    Quiet Office No 15, Sector 35A, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2607212

  17. Computer Education
    SCO 218, Sector 36-D, Chandigarh
    Phone: 0172-2620082
  18. Computer Software Institute
    SCO-35, Ist Floor, Sector 11, Panchkula, Chandigarh-134119
    Phone: 0172-2576110

  19. Dalphin Computers
    848 Sector -17, Panchkula, Chandigarh-134109
    Phone: 0172-2562192

  20. Delta Information Service Ltd
    18 Phase-1, Indl Area, Chandigarh-160002
    Phone: 0172-2653507

  21. E-NetSco
    12, 2nd Floor, Sector 17e, Chandigarh-160017
    Phone: 0172-2701594

  22. IEC Software Ltd
    SCF-52, Sector -8, Panchkula, Chandigarh-160047
    Phone: 0172-2572560

  23. Image Computers
    195, Sector 18 A, Chandigarh-160018
    Phone: 0172-2772056

  24. Indian Institute of Computer and Commerce Studies
    SCO 231, Sector 40-D, Chandigarh
    Phone: 0172-2695480

  25. Indian Institute of Hardware Technology
    68 69 Madhya Marg, Sect 8 C, Chandigarh-160018
    Phone: 0172-2780330

  26. Indica Computers
    SCO-25, Sector 5, Swastik Vihar, Chandigarh-134109
    Phone: 0172-2555375

  27. Info Zip Technologies
    SCO 18-19, 2nd Flr Sector 8-C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh
    Phone: 0172-2545744

  28. Infotech Computer Centre
    106-8, Sector 17D, Chandigarh-160017
    Phone: 0172-2706577

  29. Informatics Computer Systems
    SCO 22469-70, Sector 22-C, Chandigarh- 160 022
    Course: Accredited 'O' Level course

  30. Inset Commerce Training and Service
    13 Iind Floor, Sect 35a Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2647116

  31. Intech Info System ( India) Ltd
    118 120, Sect 34A, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2605751

  32. Integrated Computer Service
    Sh No 88, Ekta Market Circular Road, Burail Chandigarh-160047
    Phone: 0172-2664741

  33. Jas Infotech
    SCO2451-52, Sec-22C, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2706090

  34. Jupiter I T Solutions
    218-219, Sector 34A, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2607209

  35. Karrox Technologies Ltd
    SCO 443-44, 2nd Floor, Sector 35C, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2613966

  36. Koln Consultants P Ltd
    1102, Sector 39, Chandigarh-160036
    Phone: 0172-2696899

  37. L C C Infotech Computer Education
    SCO 381, Sector 37-D, Chandigarh
    Phone: 0172-2682300

  38. National Inst of Tech Education
    17, Hockey Stadium Road, Sector 42B, Chandigarh-160055
    Phone: 0172-2605974

  39. National Institute of Computer Technology
    SCO-80, Sector 38C, Chandigarh-160036
    Phone: 0172-2697964

  40. Netsoft Informatics Pvt Ltd
    SCO 441-42, Sector 35C, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2646460

  41. Pace Professional Academy for Computer Education
    SCO 5, Sector 34-C, Chandigarh
    Phone: 0172-2611956

  42. Pegasus Informatics Private Limited
    SCO-112-113, Sector 8C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh- 160018
    Course: Accredited 'O' Level course

  43. Rainbow Software P Ltd
    SCO 2923-24, 2 Nd Floor, Sector 22-C, Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2721678

  44. Regional Computer Centre
    SCO- 114-116, Sector 17B, Chandigarh- 160017
    Accredited 'O' Level course

  45. Royal Institute of Elec Engg
    SCO 101, 1sr Floor, Sector 35-C Chandigarh-160022
    Phone: 0172-2608651

  46. Sigma Institution of Electronic Technology
    271, Top Floor, Sect 35, Chandigarh
    Phone: 0172-2668716

  47. Sigma Labs and Institute of Comp Education
    SCO-271, Top Floor, Sector 35-D, Chandigarh-160047
    Phone: 0172-2661032

  48. Softspec Software Private Limited (Subject to Screening)
    SCO 76-77, Sector 8-C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh- 160018
    Phone: 0172-781219
    Fax: 0172-547750
    Courses: Accredited 'O' Level course, Oracle8, Developer/2000 Rel 2.1,Visual Basic 6, Java, C, C++, Vc++, SQL Server, MCSD, SAP Orientation Windows NT,UNIX, Netware

  49. Softech Computers
    SCO 68-69, Sector 8-C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh-160018
    Phone: 0172-2780330

  50. SSICS Computer Education
    Sas Nagar, Phase-7, Sector 61, Chandigarh-160059
    Phone: 0172-2268088

  51. Tata Infotech
    SCO 117-18, Sector 17B, Chandigarh-160017
    Phone: 0172-2708963

  52. TULEC Computer Education
    SCO 315-16, Sec-35 B, Chandigarh-160035
    Phone: 0172-2609849

  53. Unique Institute
    SCO 112-13, Sector 34/A, Chandigarh-160034
    Phone: 0172-2663780

  54. Winsoft Computer Centre
    SCO-21, Sas Nagar Phase-1, Mohali, Chandigarh-160055
    Phone: 0172-2674621

  55. Zed Career Academy
    SCF-20, Ist Floor, Phase-7, Mohali, Chandigarh-160055
    Phone: 0172-2267461 
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